Exploring Triple Street, a Place to Visit in Songdo, Incheon

Songdo New City is a modern and unique city in Incheon, which includes various facilities and cultural spaces. Among them, Triple Street is considered as a landmark of Songdo.

Triple Street is currently composed of various commercial facilities and cultural spaces. Various industries such as shopping malls, exhibition halls, restaurants, cafes, etc. are operated here, and various events are held every year. For example, there are traditional markets where you can experience Korean traditional culture, amusement parks, performances, and more.

Triple Street is the center of Songdo, and transportation is very convenient. It can be easily accessed by subway and bus, and there are various accommodation facilities nearby. Therefore, Triple Street is a very popular place for domestic and foreign tourists.

Triple Street, a landmark of Songdo in Incheon, provides various cultural and entertainment facilities and is a recommended place for everyone who visits Songdo.

Triple Street

Triple Street Concept

GROUND STREET, the land full of personality and energy of each brand

GROUND STREET, where the personality and energy of each brand overflow, is a cultural complex facility representing Korea that includes a unique mega store consisting of the “One Brand, One Building” concept, a shopping street, pop-up stores, F&B, luxury cafes, and the best premium movie theater in the country, Megabox. Here, you can enjoy various forms of fun such as shopping, culture, entertainment, and movie watching.

The mega store offers a variety of brands and products for enjoyable shopping. Pop-up stores hold various events by season and introduce new products and services. F&B is a place where you can enjoy various foods, including Korean, Western, Japanese, and Chinese. The luxury cafe offers a calm atmosphere for relaxation.

The cultural street is a place where tradition and modernity coexist. It is a place where traditional and modern Korean culture meet, and you can enjoy various cultural programs and exhibitions. At Megabox, the best premium movie theater in the country, you can watch the latest movies and enjoy them with the best sound and picture quality.

UNDER STREET – Trendy F&B and lifestyle content in the underground

There is a dining street where famous domestic and international restaurants and franchise F&B come together, an entertainment plaza of art and emotion, and a family-oriented complex cultural plaza where both children and adults can enjoy. In this dining street, you can enjoy various foods, and it is easy to find franchise F&B brands. In addition, in the entertainment plaza of art and emotion, you can enjoy various performances and various art pieces such as paintings and sculptures. In the family-oriented complex cultural plaza, there are various attractions such as a playground for children and a large shopping mall, so both children and adults can enjoy.

Rooftop Space PARK STREET for Comfortable Rest and Refreshment

Sky Sports Field offers a variety of enjoyable activities. One of them is the Healing Hill, where you can enjoy relaxation and peace on the green grass amidst the city. Here, you can take a break from the noisy city and rest quietly. Additionally, you can enjoy the beautiful view of Songdo from the Sky Observatory. You can have even more diverse experiences here. For example, you can have a picnic with your friends or family, or learn about various sports in the Olympic Experience Center.

Location and Overview of Triple Street

Triple Street is located in Incheon Songdo New City. It is one of the most innovative areas in South Korea, and Triple Street is one of the most vibrant places in this area. The street is composed of three streets, Central Street, West Street, and East Street, and is mainly composed of various commercial facilities such as shops, restaurants, cafes, movie theaters, and department stores. In addition, the area is adjacent to residential areas and is known as a center that provides entertainment and cultural activities for local residents and visitors. Various events and festivals are held every week in Triple Street, and these events provide local residents and visitors with entertainment and new experiences. In addition, some of the most innovative companies in South Korea are located in this area, providing promising business opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Various Shopping Experience

Triple Street is the perfect place for people who enjoy shopping. Here, various famous brands and independent shops with unique designs are located, providing a variety of choices for shopping.

Shall we introduce the newly opened brands last week?

This season, in addition to famous fashion brands such as Zara, H&M, and Bershka, unique brands that offer clothing in various colors and patterns have also opened. In addition, there are also brands that have opened in the new department store. Some of them are already popular brands, but some are completely new brands.

This season, there are more opportunities to meet a variety of products. Also, new home wear brands have opened this season. Among them, some are brands that have entered Korea for the first time and offer products that are differentiated from other brands. If you want to find trendy clothing, accessories, home wear, and more, you can enjoy various shopping experiences at Triple Street while exploring the newly opened brands.

Diverse Food and Cafe Culture

Triple Street is also famous for its food and cafe culture. There are numerous restaurants and cafes on the street where you can enjoy various foods and drinks. You can taste various dishes such as Korean, Western, Chinese, Japanese, and fast food, and many famous restaurants are located in Songdo.

Moreover, Songdo is a popular destination for tourists as it has many large commercial and cultural spaces. There are various movie theaters, museums, and art galleries, including the IMAX theater in Songdo. In addition, you can shop for famous brand products at the large shopping mall in Songdo, Aqua Mall.

Finally, Songdo offers various amusement facilities and experiential tourism programs. At the representative tourist attraction in Songdo, Songdo Central Park, you can enjoy various outdoor activities such as cycling, basketball, and soccer. There are also facilities for artificial beaches and water sports experiences in Songdo. With these various attractions and programs, Songdo is a very popular destination for tourists.

The Center of Culture and Art

Triple Street is a very cool place where you can enjoy culture and art. From small galleries to large cultural spaces, there are various art spaces here where anyone interested in art and culture can enjoy together. Moreover, various cultural events and festivals that both residents and visitors of this area can enjoy are being held, so anyone can have a pleasant cultural experience. For example, last month, a food festival was held in collaboration with local restaurants, along with an art exhibition featuring local artists. And this month, various art workshops and lectures are scheduled to be held along with a contemporary art exhibition. Thus, Triple Street is not just a place to appreciate artwork, but a cultural and artistic space that promotes people’s participation and interaction. Therefore, it is an excellent place not to be missed for those interested in culture and art. Come and see!


When using the subway

  • 150m walk from Techno Park Station Exit 2 on Incheon Subway Line 1

When using the bus

  • Technopark Station (38-422)
    • B: 9
    • G: 51-1 (Circular)
    • Express: 909
  • Incheon Global Campus (39-850)
    • B: 6-2, 16, 81
    • G: 91 (Circular), 92 (Circular)
  • Songdo Technopark IT Center (39-929)
    • B: 6-2, 35, 81
    • G: 91 (Circular)
    • Express: 1302, 81
  • Incheon Global Campus (39-850)
    • B: 6-2, 81
    • G: 92 (Circular)

When using a passenger car

  • Gwangmyeong direction: West Coast Expressway > 3rd Gyeongin Expressway > Aam Road
  • Gangnam direction: Gangnam Circular City Expressway > West Coast Expressway > 3rd Gyeongin Expressway > Aam Road
  • Bucheon direction: Munae-Ro > Yeongdong Expressway > 3rd Gyeongin Expressway > Aam Road
  • Anyang direction: Parkdal-Ro > 3rd Gyeongin Expressway > Aam Road
  • Siheung direction: Siheung Road > 3rd Gyeongin Expressway > Aam Road
  • Ansan direction: Jungang-Ro > Yeongdong Expressway > 3rd Gyeongin Expressway > Aam Road

Location Guide

Address: 33-1 Songdo Science-ro 16-gil, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon.

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