Learn about Incheon Songdo-dong 18-hole Park Golf Course

Songdo Park Golf Course is a golf course located in Songdo, Incheon, known for its beautiful golf course created by utilizing the natural environment of Songdo New City to the fullest. It consists of an 18-hole course that boasts a very beautiful landscape where green grass, lakes, and surrounding mountains and forests come together. One of the great attractions of this golf course is that you can enjoy golf in such a natural environment.

This place is perfect for enjoying golf with family or friends on weekends or holidays. In addition, to ensure that both beginners and skilled players can enjoy it, there are pros available at the Park Golf Course to provide golf lessons.

Songdo Park Golf Course offers various auxiliary facilities such as restaurants, cafes, and pro shops, so you can enjoy your time even if you don’t play golf. Moreover, various events and tournaments are frequently held, making it an even more interesting place for golf lovers.

You can use the reservation system to make a reservation in advance to use Songdo Park Golf Course. The price varies depending on the season and time of day, so it is recommended to check before visiting.

Incheon Songdo-dong 18-hole Park Golf Course
  • Location: Inside Songdo Moonlight Park (Songdo-dong 1, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon)
  • Closed on: Every Monday, Lunar New Year’s Day, Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving Day), and winter season (January to March)
  • Operating hours: 09:00 to 18:00
  • Main facilities: Course A (9 holes), Course B (9 holes), management building, restroom
  • Phone inquiry: • 032-456-5501~2

Park Golf Course Usage Guide

  • Same-day on-site and online registration are available. (During the trial operation period, it will operate with 44 online registrations and 44 on-site ticket issuances, and will be changed to a full online reservation later.)
  • To register online (PC, mobile), go to Incheon Facilities Management Corporation’s Integrated Reservation – Viewing Application – Select Department and complete the reservation – Present the ticket and proceed with ticket issuance.
  • If you scan the QR code with your mobile camera, you will be directed to the reservation site, then select a department and complete the reservation – Present the ticket and proceed with ticket issuance.
  • Closed every Monday, Lunar New Year’s Day, Chuseok, and when facility maintenance is required. (Prior notice will be given for events and competitions.)
  • The temporary closure period during winter is from January to March, and the duration may vary depending on the weather.
  • Procedure for on-site ticket issuance:
    1. Register visitor information.Fill out the consent form.Confirm eligibility for discounts.
      1. Please prepare identification and proof of eligibility for discounts (national merit, seniors, persons with disabilities, etc.).
      Issue admission tickets.
      1. Do not discard the printed admission ticket and keep it safe.
      Enter in order with the issued admission ticket.

User Guide

  • Target: Available to all individual members.
  • Application method: Available only on the day of the visit or online.
  • Fee: Adult fee is 2,200 won.
  • Room rental fee (per session): 1,100 won.

Discount benefits

  • Soldiers, teenagers, and children receive a 50% discount.
  • Disabled individuals, national patriots, and seniors over the age of 65 can receive free benefits. (This is based on Article 18, Paragraph 2, Clause 2 of the Incheon Metropolitan City Park and Greenery Ordinance.)

Free Information

According to Article 15 (Fees) No.3 of the “Incheon Metropolitan City Urban Park and Greenery Ordinance,” the usage fee for the park facilities (sports facilities: Park Golf Course) at Dalbit Park shall be announced as follows:

Usage criteria (April, October to December)Ticketing timeUsage criteria (May to September)Ticketing timeNumber of visitorsPublic usage fee
1 section
08:301 section
07:4088 peopleGeneral
2 section
10:502 section
09:4588 peopleSoldiers, teenagers
3 section
13:103 section
12:0088 peopleChildren
4 section
15:304 section
14:1588 peopleEquipment rental fee (per use)
5 section
16:3088 people

Usage Guidelines

  • Only golfers are allowed to enter the golf course.
  • During the game, you must maintain a safe distance from other teams.
  • Please tee off only after the preceding team has completed the hole.
  • Each team consists of four players.
  • You cannot enter wearing shoes or boots with heels.
  • You will be held responsible for compensation if you damage rental equipment or lose a ball.
  • Eating and smoking are strictly prohibited on the course.
  • You must dispose of your own trash.
  • All players must abide by golf etiquette and rules.

Golf Course Map

Incheon Songdo-dong 18-hole Park Golf Course Map

Course A

Hole NoLength(m)Par

Course B

Hole NoLength(m)Par

Safety rules in the stadium

  • We perform warm-up exercises before exercise and cool-down exercises after exercise.
  • Be careful not to make an excessive swing on a narrow fairway with a short distance, as it may cause injuries to the player, companion, or other hole players.
  • Stay in a safe area outside the player’s swing danger zone.
  • The companion does not interfere with the player’s shot.
  • The player does not move forward after hitting the shot.
  • Check for people in the front and surroundings every time you hit a shot.
  • When entering another hole to find an out-of-bounds ball, check if the hole player is playing and enter.
  • ‘Practice stroke’ hitting the ball within the course is prohibited.
  • When the shot goes wrong and the ball flies towards someone, warn them loudly.
  • Any safety accidents or lost belongings that occur during the use of the Park Golf Course are the responsibility of the user.

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