Incheon Songdo Korean traditional park Michuhol Park night walk

It is a park that embodies the historical symbolism of the Michuhol Kingdom based on the birth myth of Biryu. It is a precious space where you can feel our unique culture along with nature in the city center through traditional buildings and sculptures such as pavilions, prevention houses, and 12 gods.

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What is Michuhol Park?

It is a large-scale urban park located in Songdo, Incheon.

Songdo was developed as a new city in Incheon Metropolitan City and is known for its low population density and beautiful natural environment.

As one of Songdo’s representative tourist attractions, the park offers a variety of facilities and natural scenery for relaxation and leisure activities.

At its center is a beautiful lake and large lawns. This allows visitors to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities including walking, picnicking, biking and jogging. In addition, there are various facilities in the park, such as a children’s playground, sports facilities, swimming pool, and tennis court, so you can have a good time with your family or friends.

Songdo Michuhol Park is a popular place visited by many people because it has beautiful scenery and convenient facilities.
In addition, there are various tourist attractions and facilities in the vicinity, such as Central Park, Aquarium, and Herb Island, providing tourists visiting Songdo with a variety of activities and things to enjoy.

Incheon Michuhol Park Photo

Facility Status

  • Total area: 160,099㎡
  • Major facilities: Tidal flat culture center, tea ceremony garden, artificial pond, bull sculpture, 12 zodiac statues, trails, etc.
Incheon Michuhol Park Photo

Major facilities

Mud Flat Culture Center

Tidal flat culture center located in the center of Michuhol Park is a traditional two-story pavilion and is a complex space used for various meetings and lectures.

Waterside deck

The waterside deck, filled with leisurely swimming fish, is the perfect space to spend time sitting in the pavilion and pavilion built here and there.


It is said that various traditional and cultural classes will be prepared as a space where you can meet traditional houses and Bangjiwondo.

12 Zodiac Statues

The 12 zodiac statues standing tall on both sides of the central open space protecting the park enhance the status of the traditional park.

Chojeong and sperm

There are pavilions and pavilions where you can take a rest.

Incheon Michuhol Park Photo

Location information

  • Address: Haesong-ro (9-1 Songdo-dong), Yeonsu-gu, Incheon

Parking location

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